Recently life has been getting in the way.

I want to blog but I have nothing to show. I have work to be finished that I’m dying to share but it’s all a matter of timing. Time is a funny thing.

For the past few weeks my family have been going through a hard time. We lost someone, my nephew. He was 7 months old.


He has fought a battle his whole life, and his future has always been uncertain. We all loved the little fella, we are all devastated. The funeral has been quite delayed but it’s finally been confirmed for Monday. My sister can finally get some closure. Everyone feels in limbo.

But she has two other rays of sunshine to help her through…



Tilly and Leon :)

So while Monday will be sad, I’m going to try and smile the whole time. I’ll speak on behalf of my family and my sister, and I’ll try my best to keep my voice clear and strong. I’ll say the words we don’t want to hear but I’ll show people it’s okay.

Kane Philip Smiles.

Forever young.

Tell me what you think!

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