Grace & Sam 08.08.2014

So here’s a wedding I’ve been so excited to blog.

What can I say, from the moment Grace emailed me about her and Sam’s wedding I knew we would be a great match. She had the most amazing hen do, literally her own personal festival (How cool?!), which only made me more excited to be part of their day.

As soon as I met Grace I felt like I had known her for years, she is such a warm person you can’t help but gravitate toward and she is surrounded by some amazing people. 

I have never known a couple more gracious on their day, I genuinely had to tell Sam that he didn’t need to keep thanking me ha! Grace and Sam, you are such a special couple, I wish you both all the best with all my heart!

And here’s the best bits :D

WindermereLow Wood BayBride Details

LacePrepBridal Hair

Bridal HairVintage VeilBrideRevealBrideFinishing TouchesGroomNervesBest ManGroomHere comes the brideHere comes the brideGiving awayMan and WifeBrideBrideDetailsKissLoveMarriedSoul MatesWedding PartyGroomsmenBridesmaidsTea PartyCuteFriendsFun!ConfettiStrollSettingPierPortriatureSweetCuteModernSweetWalkDipGazeKissSpeechesSurpriseWindermere CruiseAll aboard!GuestsFullCalmCruisingCalmFunSmilesFun BrideGuestsNight do!First DanceFirst DanceDancingDancingEnergyDancingFamilyFunHA!

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