Will You KILL Me Now?

Quite a morbid blog post title. Fear not I don’t want anyone to kill me, I went to London to shoot the poster for a film :)

Will You KILL Me Now (WYKMN) is an Anti-Bullying film from Brymack Productions. I’ve been lucky enough to see the full length film but here’s the trailer for you :)

We decided on two versions of the poster, one with the full main cast and one with the two integral characters. We took inspiration from movie posters like Kidulthood and Face Off and mixed them in with a concrete London feel.

Here’s the finished products!



The cast were fab and super easy to shoot, they made my job so easy!!

Thanks George and Sophie for taking a chance on me :)


Everyone should take photographs.

One day you WILL want to look back in time.
One day you WILL forget the little details.
Then the next day you’ll forget the rest of the details.

So grab your phone, your disposable, your SLR, your Polaroid, whatever your method, just take a picture! This will be your window back in time!

Who cares what it’s of?
Who cares if people are watching?
Who cares if it’s out of focus?

Take the snapshot of your life, and think nothing of it for now. Just trust me, you’ll cherish it when time forces you to give up what you never want to forget!

THAT my friends is why I take pictures.