My Halloween Tradition.

So for the past few years I have created images especially for Halloween! I love Halloween but being 21 and antisocial there aren’t many ways for me to celebrate it. I decided one year to try something I had seen done numerous times off the back of a photoshoot I was doing in a studio. It just so happened to be the week before Halloween and thus my tradition was born. I have been unable to do the pictures I had planned this year but I’ll get round to them and delight you all when I do ;) stay tuned! But for now I’ll reminisce…

The Gorgeous Jody Lamb was my first victim!

From this…

To this…


Next up I roped the beautiful Bethan and Mel into my madness! They didn’t quite have the comforts of a studio in fact Bethan has probably had the worst conditions of my photoshoots to date!

Here’s Mel being her usual gorgeous self…

And here is Mel after I was done with her…


Beautiful Bethan in a lovely warm environment working her angles…

And now a little bedraggled and after revenge?


Safe to say by the end of these things we all want to…



Everyone should take photographs.

One day you WILL want to look back in time.
One day you WILL forget the little details.
Then the next day you’ll forget the rest of the details.

So grab your phone, your disposable, your SLR, your Polaroid, whatever your method, just take a picture! This will be your window back in time!

Who cares what it’s of?
Who cares if people are watching?
Who cares if it’s out of focus?

Take the snapshot of your life, and think nothing of it for now. Just trust me, you’ll cherish it when time forces you to give up what you never want to forget!

THAT my friends is why I take pictures.